About Us

Since 2013

We’ve taken great pride in offering special items that you likely won’t find anywhere else.  Our volunteers and buyers work non-stop to provide you with a wonderfully whimsical and unique shopping experience.

Fun Things

Finding the perfect gift for a gracious hostess, your best birthday pal, a hard-to-please guy, or your child’s favorite teacher can be challenging.  However, at Lizzylu, it’s just flat out fun!  Our whimsical and versatile gift collection inspires a kaleidoscope of gift ideas and makes for a unique and pleasurable shopping experience.

Fine Things

Our fine things are distinguished without being stuffy and eclectic sans the gaudy.  And if it’s a season you’re celebrating, there’s not a finer place to shop than Lizzylu.  Enjoy lovely spring accents, cheery summer selections, enchanting fall décor and cozy winter scents.

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